We've been baking beautiful cakes with traditional ingredients since 1989.
Cakes are suitable for vegetarians and we can bake gluten/wheat & dairy free.
Our cakes are skilfully decorated by some of the best cake decorators in London.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Cakes

Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free Cakes

We currently bake our own recipes of gluten/wheat free cakes which are also dairy free; luxury rich fruit, spicy farm-house, luxury light fruit, madeira cake (sponge) and chocolate madeira (sponge).

These can be decorated the same as many of the birthday/celebration cake designs on our website and can be made for any occasion or celebration.

The ingredients we use are either naturally gluten-free (e.g. eggs, sugar, margarine) or made gluten-free (e.g. Doves Farm Gluten Free flours).

We follow the guide below when baking:

When using factual statements, food producers should take all reasonable steps to ensure that cross-contamination with a gluten-containing ingredient has not occurred.     This can be done by following simple HACCP type procedures, these would include:     

  • Ensuring ingredients that do not contain gluten are stored separately from the gluten-containing ones.     
  • We clean all the equipment before we bake with gluten free ingredients.     
  • We prepare our cakes using time separation.
  • Baked cakes are  kept stored away from gluten-containing cakes / ingredients.

If you require more information please phone.

We also sell these as Tea Time cakes in the shop, although please phone to check availability.

What you’re saying…satisfied customer comments about our gluten-free cakes.

They had no idea it was Gluten Free while they were eating it, and were very surprised how lovely it tasted. I have just a small bit left to eat tonight, it was delicious.

Thank you. Everyone was very impressed with the look and taste.



I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful birthday cake you made for my husband he liked the idea of our narrow boat and he also liked the taste and everyone else eat it too and said it was delicious.  I liked the sponge it was moist, jam and cream was very tasty our children had some more cake for breakfast this morning.

I still have a little bit left for tomorrow which is my husband’s official birthday. Cake was wonderful and I have no hesitation in recommending any new customers to you and re-ordering another cake from you.

Best regards,